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Membership Registration

1.   How do I become an IKEA FAMILY member?
2.   How do I register if I do not have a local mobile number?
3.   Why do you need to collect my personal data?
4.   Why do you need so much data just for us to register as a member?
5.   How do I access/edit my personal data under the IKEA FAMILY programme?

Membership Reactivation & Termination

1.   How do I cancel my membership or withdraw my personal data if I do not agree with the Personal Data Protection Notice?
2.   I used to be an IKEA friends member and has received my IKEA FAMILY card. How do I activate it?
3.   I used to be an IKEA FAMILY member but my membership has expired. What should I do?

Membership Card

1.   What is the difference between a Temporary membership and a Permanent membership?
2.   How soon will I receive my new IKEA FAMILY card and be converted to a Permanent member?
3.   Where can I use my IKEA FAMILY card?
4.   What happens if I forget to bring my IKEA FAMILY card to the store?

Bonus Points

1.   What do I get by joining the IKEA FAMILY programme?
2.   Is there anywhere in store I can't use my IKEA FAMILY card to earn points?
3.   What can I do with my Bonus Points?
4.   How do I get my 3x Birthday Bonus Points?
5.   How do I check the Bonus Points that I have accumulated?
6.   Can I transfer or bring forward my Bonus Points which are expiring or extend the expiry date?


1.   How long are the FAMILY vouchers valid for?
2.   What can I use the FAMILY vouchers for?
3.   How do I redeem/print my IKEA FAMILY vouchers?
4.   What if my IKEA FAMILY voucher is misplaced or I didn’t print it before it expires?


1.   What if I do not want to receive any communications from IKEA FAMILY?
2.   How often is the IKEA FAMILY newsletter sent out?
3.   What if I have changed my mailing address?
4.   Where can I get my free copy of IKEA LIVE magazine?
5.   I am an IKEA FAMILY member, but have not received any offers through the post, email or SMS. How could this be?

Product offers

1.   Can I return products from the IKEA FAMILY shop?
2.   Can I purchase products from the IKEA FAMILY shop if I forgot to bring my Temporary card or IKEA FAMILY card?
3.   What are FAMILY product offers?


1.   How do I check the history of my shopping transactions in the IKEA store?
2.   What benefits can I enjoy at the IKEA Restaurant?