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POÄNG stories

POÄNG stories

In celebration of POÄNG's 40th birthday, we asked some of our IKEA FAMILY members to share stories of their own POÄNG, and here are our top 4 stories.
Jemima Loh (Winner)

We own two POÄNG rocking chairs, but in our home we affectionately refer to them as Grandparent Rockers.

My folks gravitate to these chairs the minute they enter my place. They lounge on them, rock away on them (a glorious journey with no destination!), their laps empty and awaiting my children – their grandchildren – to pounce upon.

We have a red POÄNG with a black-brown frame. That is Grandpa’s chair. He likes the flamboyant colour juxtaposed with the sensible skeleton. It suits him – he and his pink ties, against his navy shirts.

Grandma’s jam is our black POÄNG with the birch veneer frame. She’s basic like that, and apologises to no one for it.

Our POÄNG chairs literally hold two generations of family. Is there a better chair around? We don’t think so.

Jasmine Ng (Winner)
I bought my first POÄNG armchair for breastfeeding my firstborn. Today, 15 years later, my mother still sits on the same POÄNG to watch her favourite drama series as she inevitably doses off in its comfort.

Poang was still our eventual choice for an armchair in the living room. Tucked at a cosy corner, everyone at home seeks out their share of time on it.

If it's not my son tapping his fingers on his smartphone on POÄNG, then it's another plugged onto his MP3 rocking gently to the beat of the music on POÄNG. It could also be my husband reading his newspaper on it. It is not unusual for to see my hubby dozed off on it.

Our POÄNG is hardly unoccupied. I hardly get to rest in it. It's time to consider a second buy, except this time, It'll be in the bedroom for my exclusive enjoyment!

Chew Jing Jie (Winner)
5 years ago, I lugged you off the cold, shelves of IKEA Alexandra into a cab, and back home. Putting you together was a piece of cake, for someone who cannot hammer a nail in the wall to save my life. I remember setting my sizable behind onto you, and you supported my tired arms in yours. Ever since then, I knew life is going to change, for both of us.

Thank you for always carrying my body at the end of each day. Even as you slowly wear out from my abuse, you still gently rocked me at my most exhausting moments.

It is your 40th birthday since you were created; I wished I knew you earlier, Happy Birthday.
Chen Shouqin (James) (Winner)
One of the first items I bought in an attempt to beautify my home, the POÄNG chair will always have a special place in my heart…

In the morning, my dad would relax in our POÄNG chair, reading his newspaper and enjoying the morning sunshine through the windows of our humble home. Afternoon comes and it would be my mum’s turn to enjoy her TV dramas in the chair. At night, I would be the one to grab my National Geographic and travel to natural landscapes, right in the comfort of my POÄNG chair.

The POÄNG chair has become part of my family’s routine as much as how eating and drinking is to a human being. We were devastated when our POÄNG chair started to show signs of wear and tear. It’s so timely that I spotted the chance to win one of the most iconic chairs IKEA has ever produced!
Peng Peng
The red Poang chair caught my eye the moment I saw it at the store. I love red furniture as a contrast to the modern sleek theme that I have in my house, as it gives an inviting, appealing and homely feel. I bought it a few years ago, and it remains a comfortable sitting option for many of my guests. We have since moved three times, but the chair persists as a valuable piece of chattel in all the places we have stayed.

Recently, my fourth child, Skylar, was born. I have since used it as my breastfeeding chair, a cozy seat that she recognizes as feeding time whenever I sit on it. I would nurse her there a few times daily, sometimes with both of us falling asleep. The older kids also enjoy relaxing on it. The Poang chair will be a precious part of our fond memories as the kids grow!
Lisa Hartmann
My grandma used to have a Poäng chair back at home in Germany and one of my best childhood memories is crawling up her lap in the Poäng, listen to her stories and enjoy the gentle "swing" of the Poäng. We have spent hours – especially on rainy days – in the Poäng getting lost in her stories. She did not need a story book, everything came from her imagination. My favorite story was about a little mermaid who lived in one of our local German rivers and she swam through whole Germany endeavoring the best adventurous every! It would love to build these memories with my own kids now…
Han EeKwang
My POANG rocking chair holds a deep meaning to me, as it is where I often held my baby son Ethan to sleep. Being a sensitive baby, it was tough trying to put him to bed in a babycot. The gentle rocking motion of the POANG chair did wonders, & Ethan dozed off peacefully in my arms every time when I'm reclining in it. I'm amazed that such a simply-designed & affordable chair can help me get through that difficult phase of my fatherhood journey.
Russell Chua
This chair has brought back many wonderful memories through the 18 years. The first chair i bought when I have my first house. After a long day work, i like to sit on it in front of my planted aquarium, rocking it away, resting peacefully. Then we started to have 4 kids along the way, the many days of me cuddling our babies, rocking away, feeding them on the chair and when they are growing up, they would be sitting on my lap or I will be reading to them. All these were still deeply imprinted in my memories. Through the years, the chair has worn out and i got myself another poang chair to continue making memories in it. Recently, I replaced the wornout cushion again. Thank you IKEA for continuing such a wonderful design chair. It has brought me so much wonderful memories.
Siew Chong Keit (Mr.)
The story goes like this, when Poang turns 40, my mom turns 77. Poang enters our life, when my mom decided to turn her attention to the TV in her room but space is not in favor for a couch. So we turned to IKEA, the only thing that caught my eyes is the Poang all wood RED cushioned chair displayed in the show room, being a big fan of wooden furniture and the price is so affordable, picking up the package from the storage is the last thing before payment. Today, the chair is there, so is the TV, the Karaoke, AND of course my Mom from time to time enjoying a quiet ambience in her room watching the day passing by. Occasionally, the chair serves as a convenient place temp placement of some stuffs or something that she may left there for a while.
Rachel Cheng
Our white POÄNG chair has been with the family over a decade and has become almost a family member. We first got it when we were living in a Tampines 4-room flat and it quickly became a favorite spot for reading and watching TV. Shortly we had to move to Bedok and the chair came with us. We joked about it and said that it would move with us wherever we went. In a short span of 10 years and 4 homes later (Bedok and back to Tampines and finally to Eunos), the chair is still with the family, at my parent's house. I have since gotten married and because I do not have my own place yet, the chair could not move with me and my mom loves it too much. However, my family will definitely be getting our own POÄNG when I get my new HDB and continue the family tradition!
Geanina Bujoreanu
Our kitchen used to be the place we would spend much time together as a family – be it cooking eating, discussing our adventures of the day, watching the news or planning our next trip. When we decided to renovate the living room, two POÄNG chairs became both the centrepiece of the newly furnished room and that of our activities together as a family – they gave such a homely and relaxing vibe in our home that they became our favourite spot for spending quality time together in the house. They are now imprinted in our minds and hearts together with lovely memories and family stories
Nur Haida
I bought my Poang chair years ago for my dad. As you can see, it is very worn out. When the base gave way a few months ago, he channeled his MacGyver and looped plastic strings and it worked! I cannot bear to throw it out because it contains so much memories. Of him sitting there. That chair is so much a part of him. Every stain bears a story. Every tear in the fabric is proof of the time he spent sitting in it - smoking, or applying cream on his legs. So that's what I see when I look at the chair. Not a tattered old chair. But memories of my dad.

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