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It's the little things

We love big furnishings. But sometimes, small details can make a big difference, too. That's the idea behind our IKEA FAMILY products. In every IKEA store you’ll find the IKEA FAMILY shop, a place inside the store where you can find everything to do with IKEA FAMIILY.

They are designed to help you create a better life at home. By helping you make it safer for little ones. By making it easier to for you to travel, spend time at the beach or live a more active lifestyle. And by inspiring you to build the home you've always wanted.

Remember to use your IKEA FAMILY card to swipe your way to great savings!

Family Range

100% polyester. W28×D11, H39cm. Black/red.

W3cm. Black/red. Set of 2.

W3cm. Grey.


100% polyester. L35×D20, H45cm. Black/white or red/white.

100% polypropylene. L40×D25, H47cm. Black/white or red/white.

100% polyester. L45×D10, H45cm. Black/white or red/white.

100% polyester. W150, H110cm. Black or red/white.

100% polyester. L41×D25, H51cm. Black or red/white or black/white.

100% polyester. Ø32×L54cm. Red/white.


100% polyester. Ø95×L20-57cm. Foldable black or red/white or black/white

100% polyester. Ø105×L80. Black or red/white or black/white.

100% polyester. W150, H110cm. Black/white.

100% polyester. L27×W37cm. Black.

100% polyester. Ø32×L54cm. Black/white.

EVA foam, 100% polyester. W40×D11.5, H33cm. Dark grey.


EVA foam, 100% polyester. W40×D20.5, H50cm. Dark grey.

100% polyester, Steel. W35×D20, H56cm. Dark blue.

100% polyester. W37×D34, H75cm. Dark blue.

EVA foam, 100% polyester. W41×D30, H60cm. Dark grey.

100% cotton. L120cm/L125cm. S/M/L/XL/green.

L26.5×W10.5, H7.5cm/L30.5×W11, H8.5cm. S/M/L/XL/green.





100% polyester. S/M/L/XL.




100% polyester. L30.5cm. L/XL grey.

100% polyester. L26.5cm. S/M grey.

L84×W33cm. Light grey.

Ø46cm. Dark grey.

EVA plastic. Black/white. Set of 8.

White. Set of 2.


100% polyester.

Acrylic plastic, ABS plastic. Set of 2.

L37×W3cm. Set of 4.

Set of 2.

Ø54-61cm/Ø58-62cm. M/L/black.

Ø50-54cm. S/grey.


Ø58-62cm. XXS/white.

W40×D17, H40cm. Black.

L175, H110cm/L184, H115cm. Wheel size: 26"/28". Grey.


W40×D36, H13cm. Grey.

L57×W16, H40cm. Grey.


STARTTID backpack. Blue/Yellow/Black.

Set of 3.

Let's go!

Perfect Party.

L3×W13, H18cm.


Chest circumference: 115 cm. Yellow.

Chest circumference: 79 cm. Yellow.

W32×D23, H30cm. White.

V8l. W24×D10, H32cm. Black/ Red.

W16×D4. H11cm. Black/ Red.

Set of 3. Black/ Red.


V15l. W28×D11, H48cm. Black/Red.

V35l. W31×D20, H56cm. Black.

V12l. W39×D11,H28cm. Black.

W20×D3, H38cm. Black.

W3×D20, H26cm. Black.

W23×D7, H17cm. Black/Red.


Memory card game.

Memory card game. May be completed with the book KVACK the Frog Prince.

Memory card game. May be completed with the book STRÖVA King Elk.



The frog prince.


Find it! Part 1.

Food's Ready!

Play together.

Memory card game. May be completed with the book SAGOSKATT- the Friends in Fantasy Forest.

The friends in fantasy

The owl goes on holiday.



Kinder Homes.

Grow together.


Find it! Part 2.

Polypropylene plastic. Holds 100ml. Assorted colours.


100% polyester. W35xD32, H58cm. Dark grey.

Synthetic rubber and polyester. Grey pink.

100% polyester.Dark blue.

100% cotton. White.

100% polyester. L28.5cm.
Assorted colours.

100% polyester. L24.5cm.
Assorted colours.


Polyethylene plastic.

Natural rubber. L90xW33cm.
Crocodile. Green.

Acetal plastic. White.

Acetal plastic. Black.

Painted solid beech. W65-106.5, H75cm. White.

Synthetic rubber.


Pigmented polyester powder coated steel.
6.5-13cm. White.

Pigmented polyester powder coated steel.
W73-87cm, H73cm. White.

ABS plastic, polyamide plastic and steel.
L7.5-20cm. White.


W55-89, H70cm. White.





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