A monochrome palette for simple living

Member Homes, 12 Apr 2017

Stepping into Yasmin and Hiermy's home, we're greeted with the couple's signature black-and-white decor, as well as their twin boys - the most dapper two-year-olds we know.

Photography Fauzi Anuear, Styling Biona Boon

Yasmin and Hiermy used to wander through IKEA showrooms on their dates, imagining their future dates. A few years later, those dates have come to fruition. The couple - now IKEA FAMILY members - moved into their four-bedroom Seng Kang appartment over a year ago with their identical twin boys, Mikail Izra. They have since given the distinctive look that is at once stylish, yet attainable and practical. We get them to spill their secrets.

Versatile Spaces

"I change things up, i don't like things that are stuck," says Yasmin of her living room that can be transformed in an instant. The sofa usually faces the television, but Yasmin and Hiermy move it aside when it's playtime for the kids, giving the energetic twins more room to run around.

KLIPPAN two-seat sofa $495 W177×L199cm, H66cm

Easy Chic

The HOGSTEN outdoor chair is a favourite of Hiermy's, and so is the cabinet under the TV (which is home to his gaming consoles.) The chair is paired with an ottoman, as well as a sheepskin rug thrown over - the comfort factor rivals any garden villa cabana.

HOGSTEN chair $69 W75×D65, H42cm. Seat: W38cm×D48cm, H42cm, IKEA PS cabinet $99 W119×L126cm, H63cm.

Natural Living

The monochromatic furnishings are elevated with splashes of green from the many houseplants and throw pillows in vibrant hues. The result: a colour palette that's chich while homely. The house also gets plently of natural lighting, which brings out the strong contrast in the interiors for a bold look.

Play Time

Giving kids the room to play while keeping things neat takes work, but this family's up to the challenge. "I love space and the kids need space, too" Yasmin says. Which is why the kids' room stays uncluttered most of the time, with their favourite toys - at the moment, both the twins fancy a toy retruck - tucked away in kid-friendly shelves and foldable polyster trunks. But the little ones grow up fast, and Yasmin's already thinking of furnishing the room with fun bunk beds, the sort she always wanted as a child.

FLYTTBAR toy trunk $17.99 L57×D35, H28cm,
FLYTTBAR toy trunk $9.99 L35×W25, H15cm,
LATT children's table and 2 chairs $24.99
W28×L63cm, H45. Seat: W28cm×28cm, H28cm.

A Warm Welcome

The family demarcates areas in the house with furniture placement. By placing a bench and a rug by the door, they've turned the hallway into an area for the kids to leave their shoes and backpacks when they get home from school. The shelf abocve the bench also makes for a versatile decorative piece - sometimes adorned with the kids' favourite toys or other knick-knacks

VASTERON bench $39.50 W109×D46cm, H44cm.