Calling all creative kids!

Welcoming all IKEA FAMILY and småles members 12 years old and below to create the the soft toy of their dreams.

Join The Drawing Competition

The most unique creations will be selected and turned into real cuddly toys to be sold at IKEA stores all over the world.

The soft toy collection called SAGOSKATT is part of the
IKEA Let's Play For Change campaign to help support children's right to play and develop. So, get your pens out and join the competition.

Drawing competition takes place

from 9 - 18 Nov 2018

Soft Toy Drawing Competition

It's time for the annual IKEA soft toy drawing compeitition. This year, we will give five children the chance to turn their favourite imaginary creatures into real cuddly toys.

5 international winners will be selected based on the uniqueness and commercial potential. Real toys will be created and launched as limited collection in November 2019 in IKEA stores worldwide.

How does my child participate?

About The Competition

What will your child get by participating?

All participants

will receive a certificate of participation.

50 drawings

will be shortlisted by the IKEA Singapore stores for public voting.

25 finalists

will be chosen from results from the public voting.

15 local
country winners

will be picked by IKEA Southeast Asia’s office from the 25 finalists and will receive an IKEA gift card worth $50 each and have their drawings submitted to IKEA global.

5 international level winners

who will receive one soft toy each, created by IKEA of Sweden, from their own drawings.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What time does the drawing competition takes place?

    You child may participate in the competition at any time between 9 – 18 Nov 2018 during the IKEA store opening hours from 12pm – 9pm.

  • If I am an IKEA FAMILY member and the child is not related to me (i.e a friend’s child), can he/she still participate in the competition?

    Yes, he/she may still participate.

  • Can my child submit their drawing online?

    To ensure fairness, drawings can only be submitted at the IKEA store within the same day.

  • How will I know if my child’s drawing is selected as a top 50 finalist?

    Should your child’s drawing be shortlisted, you will receive an email informing you about this from our IKEA co-worker by 22 Nov 2018.

  • What is the criteria for judging of the competition?

    Winners are selected based on :

    1) Creativity and originality
    2) Feasibility of drawing to make into a toy

  • Where and when is the public voting held?

    This year, you may cast your vote online from 23 - 25 Nov 2018.

  • How will I know if my child’s drawing is selected as the top 15 country winner?

    You will receive a phone call from our IKEA co-worker by 7 Dec 2018.